Hello Friends and Neighbors of District 61

If you are not aware the boundaries have changed for District 61. The most significant change is that ALL of Pickens County is now in District 61. Romulus Road is the most southern boundary in Tuscaloosa County. Most of Northport Proper north of U.S. 82 to Mitt Lary Road then going northward on U.S. 43 to Bone Camp Road following it to Fayette County line.. Below is a link to view a current map.  

Alabama House District Map

DIstrict 61 consist of people who experience hard work every day, most of them living from paycheck to paycheck with not a lot of dispensable income to enjoy travel, vacations and luxury items. Folks who know honesty and integrity and try to live by the Golden Rule -  the principle that should be followed to ensure success, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

For too long we have elected career politicians. It is now time for new forward-thinking people to serve the people of Northport and Pickens County in Montgomery. We need a person to represent District 61 that will stand in the gap for all people of this District. Someone who will listen and will try to solve the everyday issues of our District. A person of honesty and integrity, that faithfully tries to live by the Golden Rule. I am that person, Tommy Hyche for Alabama House District 61.

Please continue to my ABOUT PAGE, there you will find my personal information and other details about who I am and why I am what I am, a Moderate Democrat.