About Me

To the Constituents of District 61,

At some point in Alabama we must come to our senses and vote FOR our BEST INTERESTS, regardless of party. Vote FOR what’s best for us, not against a group or idea that doesn’t matter a whole lot in our everyday lives. What matters in most folks' lives is WHY can’t we have better paying jobs? WHY can’t our K-12 schools have better funding and WHY can’t we have affordable health care in our state?

Why I am who I am

My name is Tommy Hyche, I am a Democratic Candidate for Alabama House of Representatives District 61 for the 2018 election cycle. I am married to Brenda Hyche and we have four children in our blended family of 12 years. We are blessed with 7 grandchildren that are the loves of our lives. We attend Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Tuscaloosa.

I have been employed by B.F. Goodrich / Michelin for 44 years. During those years I have served in several positions in URW & USW Local 351. I am proud to say that I have worked by and with some of the greatest men and women in West Alabama, who I believe are some of the greatest men and women in the state and the country. I am currently a Wage Safety Coordinator at our plant. In this capacity I teach safety classes, conduct investigations, oversee safety projects and listen to concerns and issues from wage and salary personal to mitigate those problems in a safe and manageable way.

My family has been Union members since 1951, when my Dad started at B.F. Goodrich. I was born in 1953, so everything I have ever had has come from fair, equitable and reasonable union wages. My father George Hyche was also a bi-vocational Baptist preacher while working at the “Rubber Plant”. My father taught me through his actions of faith to mostly poorer congregations that life is about giving of yourself. As our family traveled to small congregational churches located in Pickens, Lamar, Bibb, Tuscaloosa and Fayette counties my Dad spread the Word of Love. He spoke of Compassion for our fellow man, and to honor God in all things. From him I learned the servant philosophy. This philosophy is my core belief; If we are not placed on this earth to help one another then why are we here?

During Dad's time of pastoring, we would be invited into the homes of church members to share lunch and dinner with them as we fellowshipped and learned their joys, fears and daily problems. Most of these people were poor by today’s standards. I have literally visited some homes where you could see daylight streaming through the walls and floors. Humble people, people with little or no education. Folks that barely had enough money to meet their needs shared their tables with us and were thankful that they could. They all had one thing in common, they stood in the gap for those that were even less fortunate than them, extending a helping hand, a smile, a word of encouragement, food and shelter when needed. They lived by the Word, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”.

The years that I shared with my father and mother, Mamie Louise Pugh Hyche, watching and learning, listening and advocating, taught me that there is more to life than just living for yourself. You must also touch and connect to all people.

Why I am what I am

I can trace my pride in the Democratic Party to my Granddaddy, Gurley Pugh who lived in the Zion Community just north of Gordo, Alabama. As a child, I often stayed with him and my Grandma, Linnie Sanders Pugh, for a few weeks each summer to help Granddaddy with his carpentry trade. On a trip to Gordo one hot summer afternoon, Granddaddy and I stopped and listened to a politician who stood in the bed of a pickup truck speaking.

Later that day as we drove back to Zion in Granddaddy’s old 1958 Chevy pickup, he told me something that helped form the foundation of my political beliefs. He said, “Son, I’m gonna vote for that man. He’s a Democrat. I’m a Democrat. I vote for the Democrats because they stand for us working people. They try to help the poor folks that live around here. Me and your Grandma ain’t got much, but I got a job and I work hard and the Democrats helps put money in my working man’s pocket.”

I’ve often thought of that hot afternoon and what my Granddaddy told me about his political beliefs. Coupling that with the core beliefs that my parents instilled in me, the choice be a Democrat was just common sense. I still stand on the Principles that my Family taught me: Better paying jobs, well-funded schools and Affordable Health Care for the elderly, disabled, working poor and the mentally ill.

After all, if we are not placed on this earth to help one another then why are we here? 

Please continue to my ISSUES PAGE to learn some of my priorities and concerns that we as citizens in Alabama have, the kind of issues that working familes discuss at their kitchen table at the beginning and end of each day.