Schools PreK – 12

As a parent and grandparent, I know that a good education in a positive school environment is key to creating qualified and confident young citizens. Every child in Alabama has the right to attend a safe, well-equipped and fully-funded school that will prepare them for successful futures in the new economy.

I will:

  • Work to make teacher pay more competitive
  • Keep the focus on improving our early education efforts
  • Push for smaller class sizes, better staffing and updated teaching aids and tech
  • Do whatever it takes to make our schools safe zones for our children


Jobs that pay a livable wage

Too many people work full-time jobs that don't pay enough to lift them, and their families, above the poverty line. We need to find solutions that correct the imbalance in wages using options, such as tax incentives, that won't penalize small businesses.

I will:

  • Help sustain and encourage current businesses and the many jobs thay represent
  • Increase our efforts to recruit and bring new businesses into District 61 and our state
  • Support workforce development initatives, skill training centers and dual enrollment programs


Affordable healthcare

No hard working man or woman should be just one bad diagnosis or accident away from devasting financial hardship. I strongly support a healthcare system that protects every Alabamian, regardless of pre-existing conditions or income level.

I will:

  • Work to expand Medicaid funding
  • Sustain Funding for CHIP
  • Increase support and funding for rual and small community hospitals and health clinics. 
  • Secure funding for the elderly, the disabled, the mentally ill, the improverished and the children of our state who desperately need access to affordable health care.



  • Equal Rights for all people
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work, regardless of gender, race or creed
  • Protecting Voting Rights
  • Prison Reform 
  • Incarceration Sentencing Reform
  • Licensed, Safe and Affordable child care centers
  • Eliminating Predatory Lending
  • A State Lottery
  • Eliminating  or lowering grocery and prescription drug tax
  • Taxing Internet Sales to eliminate loss of State, City and County Income
  • Restructuring state income tax codes and property taxes for individuals and corporations to better fund Public School Systems 
  • Constitution Reform
  • Our Troops and Veterans
  • Funding for State Law Officers
  • Raising Teachers and State Retirement Pensions
  • Funding for Rural infrastructure improvements
  • Funding public transportation
  • Funding State Parks and Recreational Areas
  • Funding for proven and effective Drug Abuse Programs
  • Funding for Environmental and Green Earth Projects and Jobs
  • Strengthening Animal Rights Laws